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All about Jon King Roberts:

Jon is a pianist, singer and entertainer currently located in Delray Beach, Florida where he is not retired! During the week Jon is appearing in and around Palm Beach County at Country Clubs and Senior Venues. On the weekends he entertains at a trendy local venue where you’ll find him behind a wall of local fans doing what he loves... playing and singing your favorite tunes. He has a charismatic personality that draws you in and makes you feel welcome. His melodic voice coupled with his extraordinary gift of playing the piano gives Jon a familiar sound with a twist of his own.


Jon has been singing and playing the piano completely by ear since the first time he heard the Beatles! That’s when he realized he had the ability to listen a song, then play it on the piano almost instantly! He uses NO sheet music, which keeps a clean and professional looking piano. All the years of taking request has given him the extra edge to knowing hundreds of songs in a variety of styles.


Jon's early years were spent in Brookline, Massachusetts and by the time he was fourteen, he had his own band and was actually playing for a paying public. In his teens he had bands that played at school dances. As soon as he graduated, instead of going into the family business, he followed the calling of his heart… music and entertaining.” 


Jon spent his twenties in bands touring New England and along the East coast, then he traversed the country on his way to experience the West Coast and all its opportunities. After touring the west coast and Canada, Jon settled in where else but- Southern California where he spent the next 10 years, before returning to the east coast.


After returning home to the Boston area, Jon pursued another one of his lifelong passions, Aviation. While performing nights, he studied days learning how to fly. After much hard work, and training, Jon became a licensed pilot. “I love to take my friends flying, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of New England from the air, maybe lunch on Martha’s Vineyard”

(Watch a great video of Jon interviewing the pilot on YouTube just Click Here.) 


After flying Jon would sit with his pilot friends talking 'planes' and discussing ways to make things safer for all pilots. Thus IMC Club was born and grew into a successful national nonprofit organization for pilot safety with 154 IMC Clubs across the country. Among Jon's accomplishments, he was the co-host of a live internet radio show called "Plane Talk", a favorite among pilots for several years.

Having grown up in Boston, Jon wanted to see if he could run that famous marathon. After some considerable training and motivation, he ran the Boston Marathon behind the qualified runners as a "Bandit", he loved it so much he ran it not once but three times… along with other challenging marathons and half marathons. Today, he continues to run on a regular basis and enjoys the shorter five and ten kilometer races.


What’s left?

         Jon would like to be the first man to play a grand piano on the moon :)

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