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"Now Performing At Live Venues"

There's nothing like in person, live, entertaining Jon has had the Covid-19 Vaccinations & Boosters

and is now comfortable making live appearances at outdoor venues, as well as, distanced indoor venues.

Senior Residences

Jon will bring your music room or lobby to life as he entertains you with his vocal energy and familiar songs that span decades.


Jon always leaves his audience smiling by being sure to please all his listeners. His interactions with residents and staff make him a favorite whenever he appears.

Bringing musical joy and personality 

to our senior communities, singing and  playing your favorite songs including:


  •  American Standards

  •  Broadway Tunes

  •  Contemporary Pop

  •  Beatles

Jon prides himself on making his connections through song and music, playing everyone's favorite songs... taking requests and even learning a new song, especially for a particular resident.


Jon is available for any venue with a piano on site.

Jon can provide a vocal setup (Microphone and Speaker). free of charge when needed.

Below are some of Jon's favorite accounts.

  • Devonshire          

  • Carlisle                   

  • Sinai Residences     

  • Allegro                       

  • Grand Villa West

  • MorseLife                  

  • Harbor Chase         

  • Phoenix          

  • Edgewater Pointe 

  • Discovery Village  

  • Addington   

  • Chatsworth    

  • Fountain View 


Palm Beach

Boca Raton

Boynton Beach

Delray Beach

West Palm Beach

P. B.  Gardens

Delray Beach

Boca Raton

P. B.  Gardens


P. B. Gardens

West Palm Beach



Life has changed during Covid-19 especially for our seniors, how they socialize during these times has too. Not being able to have the live entertainment that residents enjoyed, has been difficult, both for residents and their activities directors!

Jon's solution is to bring you, the same songs they all love, and the same presentation online. Using Zoom, he sings, plays and entertains just like before, only "live online" from his studio. No rain, no traffic, not even a lock-down would cancel the show. Jon will be there on time, every time!


If residents want to interact with the video they can. That way, he can see who is watching too, and he can say hello to them individually, keeping it interactive and fun. He can even take requests from his audience through text messaging. For more personal interaction family members can also be asked to join the session.


By private email invitation to a Zoom meeting, you can log on using a smartphone, IPad, or computer. If your facility has a closed circuit or in-house TV the session can even be sent to every room, as well as, projected on large screens for social distancing.

Project to a Large Screen TV or other device:

  • The simplest and easiest way to get Zoom onto your TV is just to plug your laptop, i-phone or pad into your TV using the HDMI port. Most TVs (whether smart or not) will have an HDMI port – although many modern laptops don't. ... When the two devices are plugged in, you'll see and hear  your Zoom call on the TV screen.

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