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Invite your guests for a memorable evening.

 "Live Online With Jon"

An online experience that allows you, your friends, and family to gather safely in their homes, and enjoy an hour of live interactive entertainment.

" At The Piano With Jon"

Jon will arrange to have you and your guests gather together on a Zoom internet call. You will all have a front-row seat around the piano, while Jon entertains you with all your favorite songs. After the show, take the time to hold a meeting or just socialize with your guests.

How "Live Online works

  • You choose your guests and Jon invites them for your private group event via email.

  • On the designated day the guests receive an email with a private link that is accessible online.

  • They click on the link and everyone is connected for a one-hour personal show followed by private time to chat with your guests afterward.

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Co-Hosting an event

When you decide to book a party, you become a Co-host for the event which allows you some privileges like customizing the presentation for your particular occasion.

As the co-host, you are encouraged to:

  • Choose the type of music,

  • Give a welcome speech,

  • Make a presentation,

  • Dedicate a special song,

  • ... or let Jon do the talking.

As the co-host, you will also have the opportunity to monitor and visit with your guest after the show.

Details about how the whole process works...


What to do first: As a co-host, your part is relatively simple.

1.    Pick an occasion: Done!

Birthday, Anniversary ... or just because! Any reason will do.

2.    Pick the Place: Done!

The place is anywhere your guests are. No travel time!  Your guests simply log on to their email by computer, phone, or Ipad. They click on the link, and like magic, all your guests are connected.

3.    Pick a date and time:

Don't have to wait until the nearest weekend to celebrate- any day or night is right for this kind of celebration.

Contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your every request.

​Before your event:

  • Once you book the date, we will send you a Save the Date flyer for approval.

    • The "Save the Date" flyer is a custom made invitation explaining the event personalized with your name, date, and time.

  • Weeks before the event, this flier will be sent to your list of guests.

  • Your guest can be invited from anywhere in the world with an e-mail and internet access.

24 Hr. Reminder and 15 Min. Open Door notice with "Log-on" links

  • An e-mail will go out to the guests 24 hours prior to the event as a reminder to join us. Easy log-on instructions are included.

  • 15 minutes prior to the event, another email will be sent also with an easy log-on link. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions to register for the event.

  • Guests can log on 15 min. prior to the event. This allows everyone time to gather online and begin the show together.

Enjoy in theater view!

  • For a full experience, both you or your guest can project the show onto their big screen TV.

  • The simplest and easiest way to get Zoom onto your TV is just to plug your laptop, i-phone or pad into your TV using the HDMI port. Most TVs (whether smart or not) will have an HDMI port – although many modern laptops don't. ... When the two devices are plugged in, you'll see and hear your Zoom call on the TV screen.

Jon's Performance:

  • At the appointed time, Jon will begin his performance.

  • Guest microphones will be muted upon entry for everyone's listening pleasure.

  • At the end of the performance, microphones will be turned back on so they can mingle and catch up with each other.

  • During the performance, guests are able to text individuals privately (Including Jon for special requests), or the whole group by using Chat within the application.

Personalize your event with:

  • The best thing about" Live Online" is the ability to interact and customize some aspects of the performance. These may include, the co-host giving a speech, or dedicating a particular song. Just tell us what you want and we will do our best.

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